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    Computer Crashes ..

    System Specs:
    KT4AV Motherboard Bundle
    Amd Athlon 2500+
    756MB DDR400
    ATI 9600SE
    Samsung 80GB 7200RPM ATA 133 8MB Buffer

    My problems:
    My computer worked fine for 3 weeks then my Motherboard died we have replaced the Motherboard with the same specs but now when i install Windows XP and the updates etc. i get random crashes and Blue screen's showing memory dumps it would appear to be a RAM stablility issue (although im not expert so i can't be sure) at the present i have downclocked the RAM to 333 and it seems to be ok but i wont be sure until Service Pack 2 completes and i've played some games. These crashes vary between 3 minutes and 3 hours! It could even be 3 days wierd the bios hasn't been updated im currently on my dad's computer which has the same make MSI but it's an older KT4VL he runs 1GB 333 DDR Ram and has never had troubles any ideas fellas? Should i leave my RAM downclocked or can i fix the problem any other way? All help's very much appreciated thanks!
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    Make sure the ram is properly seated and maybe replace the ram and see if that can fix it.

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