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    I was wondering if anyone could let me know if is a reliable and strong company. I am looking to get a dedicated server and I am leaning towards them, but I just don't know anything about them. If someone could fill me in on any experiances they have with them I would appreciate it.
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    They have been discussed a lot of times on this board. Do a search [top right hand corner].

    The only thing that keeps most away is the 95% rule they got when they measure bandwidth.
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  3. i know i sond stupid... but

    I know I am going to sound really dumb or maybe like the newest of newbies... But how does that work I see it mentioned but I don't understand it (the 95% rule). Currently I just resell, I am doing fairly well, but I have an offer from an individual who wants to back me for a dedicated server. I don't really know to much about unix/linux, or as I am finding out bandwith terms... Am I throwing myself in a fire, or will the cp's that I see every dedicated server providing help me out. Side note the company I currently resell is a directly related alabanza company who suprisingly from what I am hearing has extremely good rates. Anyway... anyone with advice on me becoming a crispy critter or not please let me know. Basically this 95% rule which I know nothing about sounds like a bad thing. Is there anything else I should worry about. P.S. I currently administer a NT network as a profession, but I don't want to go that route for hosting I like unix/linux.
    Raymond W. Talipski
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    Basically they take the top 5% of your usage and throw it out and then bill you for what your peak usage was like 95% of the time. carrier grade colocation at a affordable price!
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    Thumbs up Dialtone

    I have never heard a complaint about them. Their prices are pretty competitive, and you hav to love the unlimited IP usage .

    The only little quirk about them is the fact that they charge for technical support after the first 30 days (it it's the client's fault). However... this may be a good thing. I have heard that when you DO request support, they will take care of it riht away. From what I can tell, their technicians are some of the best around.

    In regards to their "server interface", it is not quite on-par with the Cpanel, however that may not be important to you.

    All-in-all, I would say that they are a good company with a solid service.... but then again, I only know what I have heard.
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    DI is one of the worst company I have every dealt with in the hosting business! Constant downtime they keep blaming on bad network cables. It is amazing how network cables go bad several times a month.

    The last time it went down a few days ago I got a call from them but it wasn't about my server being down... It was from sales asking why I canceled my contract


  7. Scott Who To Next

    Who did you go with after, I like the features they had, and I like the price of DI, and I know that is not the most reliable thing to base a decision on. And how where they with bandwidth.
    Raymond W. Talipski
    N2N Internet Services

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    I've had a server with DI since the beginning of September and have had a good experience with them. Their connections and speed has been good. I've had no down time at all with them and I monitor my server with them independant of their NOC monitoring. In fact when I took Apache down for a couple of hours DI e-mailed me to let me know it was down. Perhaps what scottlaw was experiencing was isolated.

    Their use of the 95 percentile method of bandwidth measurement does bother me but I can live with it for now. Their control panel also is lacking a bit. From the admin point of view it is fairly weak as you can only add and delete services and accounts. You really can't edit anything and customization is out. For the end user it is OK except your customers can't create their own user accounts. They can only really add and subtract aliases and FrontPage extensions. To run the server I just threw in WebMin and use that and telnet for day to day system administration. I don't have any experience with the VDI or Alabanza control panel but from what I've heard and read they are much better.

    Overall I would recommend them if the control panel isn't a huge issue and you can live the the 95 percentile bandwidth measuring, especially since their pricing is hard to beat.


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    If you are looking to host clients then I would go with a server from UltraSpeed. We don't go through Ultraspeed, We go directly through VDI (where UltraSpeed co-locates at) and am very happy with their performance.

    If you are just looking to host some of your own sites I would probably go with their 199.00 Raq3 server. I say probably because I have not hosted with them in a few months so I don't know about the problems that have been reported. I also don't care for their new policy of 6 month contracts.

    The best uptime we have got has been with our server at Alabanza... But I still don't think it is worth the price.


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    I think you will find lots of threads on dialtone in the dedicated server forum....or possibly use the search function in the forum..above right corner..type in company name and I am sure you will get lots of results! - Quality Web Hosting - Under A Gig! - Since 1999

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    I agree... The problem with our server at DI is probably isolated. However, the way they responded to these problems and the quality of equipment is an issue for all customers.

    In the 5 months we have had our server at DI, it has had 2 bad network cables... I would not of had a problem with that if it was fixed quick and correct. We had to fight with them for 2 weeks just to get them to look at our server. They told us that they would not even look at our server unless we authorized charges. We refused and hired an independent Linux professional to look over the server to verify there were no problems with the server for our credit card company since we were planning on charging back. Once I sent them this, they decided to look into the server and found the bad network cable.

    About a month after this, our server started crashing again... They constantly rebooted it until we told them to look at the NIC and cable. They again said we had a bad network cable and replaced it. However, our server has still been down daily and is even down as I type this.

    Luckily, this server is only providing DNS service for some domains that are just parked.


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