Now that almost two months have passed since I moved away from Darkscape I think I can speak fairly about them.

I was a Darkscape customer from April 2002 until June 2004. I signed up with them based on the recommendation of a friend. For the first year, uptime was absolutely amazing. I never expected 100% uptime, but they got close! Support was fast and helpful. They even went the extra mile when I needed to transfer my domain to them. I was very satisfied.

I did not enjoy the last year of my stay. Downtime was frequent. Support was unhelpful, frequently impatient, and at times superior. I do not contact support often - I don't need much handholding. However, when I needed to contact support, I felt like I shouldn't because it was an imposition to them. They finally got the downtime issues sorted out, but in the process they dropped the ball on communication. No notice whatsoever on downtime - if they knew about it, if they were fixing it, nothing. Previously, during or after an outage they would post that the outage had ocurred and they were fixing/had fixed it. In addition, before their customer forums were found obsolete in favor of a status page, I found their customer service - at least publicly before their other customers - lacking during this time. I found myself with serious confidence issues in the company customer service (not the service itself although the downtime was annoying) and elected to leave in June after much thought. The cancellation process was fast and easy with no billing mistakes or other complications.

Through my entire stay, the billing system was flawless.

Unfortunately, despite their network and billing strengths, I still cannot recommend them, but at least they're honest with the money.