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    Fantastico problem, again....

    I had this happen before, I think, and I can't remember how I fixed it. When I go to Fantastico, I get this error message.

    "PHP script /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/fantastico/includes/ is protected by SourceGuardian and requires file ixed.lin.4.3.8.pxp.
    Please read SourceGuardian protected scripts manual."

    If I remember correctly, it was a quick fix. Any suggestions?

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    If it's a cPanel server try


    That's the quickest fix.

    If it doesn't work.

    Go to your Fantastico admin panel. The browser's URL field will look like this:$THEME/fantastico/admin/admin.php

    Replace admin.php at the end of the URL with decoder.php and hit enter.

    IF YOU GET ERRORS, do this:
    rm -f /tmp/ixed*

    then re-try.
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    I tried the first part, but it says command not found. If I ls the directory, it's listed there though. I can't remember my unix very well to know if I'm doing something wrong.

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