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    anyone installed Stargate API ?

    and can I see it ?

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    No, I haven't installed it as it requires a Windows dedicated server.

    However, I would be very wary of Stargate at the moment.
    We have been unable to register domain names for the past 30 hours.
    Domains appear to register OK but they are not added to the user account or registered on the Verisign database (which means they are not registered).
    Because there is no error message there is no way of knowing if the domains have really gone through without doing a manual check.

    It could just be us thats having the problem, but ther might be others out there who have not noticed it yet!!
    The same thing happened in the first week of December and caused us a lot of problems.
    As a result, I negotiated a discount with OpenSRS with the aim of returning to them this month.
    I have already burned nearly $600 with OpenSRS since yesterday so it looks like the move has already been made

    I still have loads of credits at Stargate but no way to use them up right now.
    Might just keep them for renewals.

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    StarGate had their fair share of problems but i think they're resolved by now. i just registered 2 domains from them last night and they registered just dandy
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    It came back up at 09:30 CST
    Its odd how it always comes back on just after office opening hours.....

    Its possible it was working at some point over the previous 24 hours because I gave up trying.

    Unfortunately their response to my support ticket was not exactly inspiring:

    Those domain(s) were not successfully registered. Please try to register those domain(s) again making sure you enter in valid namesevers when registering the domain(s).
    The name servers used were the same ones as today and the day before yesterday.


    Formerly: Managing Director, Ltd & Marketing Director, Ultraspeed UK Ltd
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