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    How is this? www- ?

    I saw someone selling the domain:

    What i dont understand is i have never seen www- before is this new or what?


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    www [dot] www-ad [dot] com is just a hyphenated domain name.

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    Ok i didnt know you could register e.t.c

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    Indeed you can.
    I still feel that one of the best domains is still, simply:

  5. #5 is good also
    my personal opinion
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    do you know who has ?

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    You can make a whois search to find out them !!!
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    nope, tried all whois services I know..

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    i like com's

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    Originally posted by AbsolutelyFreeWeb
    do you know who has ?
    It should be reserved by the registry. I would expect it to be similar to the whois for which is regged to ICANN.

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    Ive got spyware from I Dont like it.

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    Ssome of the first trick that made ppl believe they're selling good short domain names.

    so full adress would be:

    sounds like a cheap domainname i always stick to names my small head can remember these are the names i believe have a possible future (after spamers prove to the world that spaming doesn't work on humans anymore).
    I'm getting sick of all those names ppl try to push at ebay for symbolic start prices of like 100,000usd lol.

    On the other hand could be good if it had 2 w instead of 3: world wide advertising but still the -'s is nasty stuff.

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    well, all of you should be careful with these kind of domain like, they are not the same thing as or !!! Pay attention!

    What we really want to register is 2nd level domain (****.com)! not 3rd (******!

    Also, there's some pseudo country code domain name registration like: or or and stuff like that. THESE ARE 3RD LEVEL DOMAINS!!! Do you want to know what's a 3rd level domain?? Well, get your domain and put a subdomain name on it like this from myself, this one is a 3rd functional domain name. But my second domain name is QENDY.COM!

    So, those pseudo country code domains ARE FAKES! BEWARE!

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    How would you make ?

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    so many people has to take the typin traffic

    someone even got long time ago heh

    for, are selling sub domains like so someone registers and start selling

    reminds me of story lol
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    Originally posted by bluzman32
    How would you make ?
    LOL, yeah.. it's kind of hard to get i guess lol.

    Well, somebody registered the first. Then, he simply put a subdomain co attached to the making CO.UK.COM .


    Don't be fooled! lol

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