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    * Looking for Dedicated Server Resellers

    If you are interested in selling dedicated servers at a profit please contact us.

    You will be able to sell top of the line hardware in a top of the line data center (ADNC Data Center - mult. 0C-12 and OC-48).

    As a reseller you will get special dedicated server pricing, the ability to create custom server configurations with virtualy any hardware and os on the market ranging from a single processor server to a quad opteron serverver or even a server cluster.

    We will work with any quality server reseller and will work out custom pricing and configurations for resellers ranging from 1 dedicated server to 1000 or more dedicated servers.

    If you are interested please contact [email protected]

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    Bradner BC
    I'm not familiar with this DC. Anyone who's located there have comments?
    Rick Sutcliffe
    See for fast, reliable Linux/CPanel hosting
    We also do reseller hosting and are an Enom ETP

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    I think ANDC is in San Diego, wouldn't swear to it

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