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    I've been trying for a while to get hold of some software to capture headlines from other sites. I came across this company which produces what seem to be a very interesting set of products. Company:

    The provide something called the Foundation Series which is a platform which allows you to do a host of different stuff involving web capturing. Some of the most interesting, will allows you to incorporate an Amazon product search in your site (and get the 15% commission). Incorporating a comparision shopping search engine within your site, incorporate a Yahoo like directory and various other capturing capabilities.

    I was considering purchasing some of their packages, but unfortunately they don't give a trial - I was wondering if anyone had used some of this stuff, and how easy it is for a novice at perl to integrate into a site.

    I initially just want to capture headlines from a couple of sites not on moreover or isyndicate, but could be interested in the other stuff, if its easy to integrate.

    If no one uses this stuff - do you know of any other software I could use (simple stuff for novice) which could capture the headlines I want.

    The market must be crying out for something which will make this childs play.

    Link ;

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    yep just bought Anaconda a week ago and installed it at

    great stuff

    you should know the Anaconda Amazon search is being phased out for a new version Foundation Amazon search i think, check out the Anaconda UBB forums and see the info.

    The new version is gonna be a free upgrade for existing owners. But there's a deluxe version of it for a fee which i am definitely getting my hands on, as it even retrieves each product listings individual page with the code in it

    i am dying to get it

    forgot to add, it's easy to install

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    Cheers for the info.

    I'm thinking of initially getting the 'Clipper' (clip news feeds).

    What I want to do is capture headline links from a couple of sites that are not on isyndicate/moreover. I believe this will involve using the 'custom plugin'.

    As a complete novice at Perl I would like to know how easy it is to do this. I don't want to spend $200 and not be able to use it.

    I'm prepared to site down for a couple of days to do it, but I would hope their are easy wizards and step by step instructions to help me out.

    Could you tell me if I could use this product to realisticly do this - as a person who know nothing about Perl, but is prepared to spend a couple of full days 'having a go'.


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    73 has some scripts that retrieve data and products from different sites and puts it in your site.
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    Re: Thanks

    Originally posted by chilliboy
    What I want to do is capture headline links from a couple of sites that are not on isyndicate/moreover.
    Do keep in mind issues of copyright.

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    From what I have seen and heard there is no problem in capturing 'headline text links'. I think the problems start when you start grabbing text as well.

    The and links I'm trying to capture are already capture from other sites anyway. I'm just trying to capture from this site as it has already put the headlines I want together in one place already, therefore making things a bit easier.

    I'm looking at two headline capturing bits of software from: - and

    Has anyone a verdict on which is the best. Unless someone tells me otherwise I'll plump for the Anaconda Clipper.

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