===> Installing psa database
Trying to start MySQL server... done
Trying to check psa database... Trying to find psa database...
Trying to connect with adminetup account... connected
Trying to check psa database version... version is 0712
Previous product version is , but previous database
version is 0712. In most of cases it is result of
previous upgrade try failure. Please, restore previous version
from backup, and try again or contact technical support.

ERROR while trying to check database version
Check the error reason(see log file: /tmp/psa_7.1.2_FedoraCore_1_build71040817.01_installing.log), fix and try again


WARNING: post-install script of RPM package psa-7.1.2-fc1.build71040817.01 execution
failed. As the the package psa-7.1.2-fc1.build71040817.01 was registered in the RPM
database, you need to execute the following command before attempting
to reinstall the package:
rpm -e psa-7.1.2-fc1.build71040817.01

error: %post(psa-7.1.2-fc1.build71040817.01) scriptlet failed, exit status 1
What am i doing wrong ;_;