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Thread: Is this real?

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    The following is part of an e-mail I got the other day, is this genuine or some kind of scam? I thought I ask you gurus out there, these days its hard to take anything for granted.
    ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ today.

    ************ REGISTER/RENEW YOUR OWN DOMAIN NAME TODAY ***********

    ************************* FOR ONLY $15 ! *************************

    *********** Sign Up at ************************

    NOTE: This is an auto-generated email message. Please do not reply.

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    Probably real, only thing is it is also probably for one year only.
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    Are there many Registrars out there with such competitive prices? Any reommendations anyone?

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    You can find many other established registrars offering domain registrations @ this price or even less.,,, ... just to name a few.
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    Take a look at for a list of accredited registrars. I think you'll find quite a lot of registrars with low prices on domains - especially
    You could also go to and ask to be redirected to one of their resellers. It wouldn't surprise me if the offer you got was from one of their resellers as they pay only $ 10 a year per domain.

  6. I don't see why not.

    We pay quite a bit less than that, so now we just give our clients a FREE domain name if they sign up for a year of service (starting at $9.95/mo). Domain Names are quite the commodity these days. I think you'll see more and more of this as time goes by.

    I believe that the actual Registrar is charged around $8 for the domain. So reselling it to you for $15 still leaves them with quite a bit of profit.

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    We buy from

    You pay 12 euros which is about $10.10 and its a good, reliable service with no need to pay up front in bulk.
    If you are prepared to send them money up front they give even cheaper prices.

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    It's probably quite real as $15 a year isn't all that out of the ordinary (or the cheapest). What they don't tell you is that they are offering something that a lot of other people do... It's kind of like saying "We offer gas at $1.40 a gallon!!", and just not mention that most other gas stations do exactly the same thing.

    I've never heard of those guys, and the fact they seemed it a perfectly ok thing to spam you to tell you of their 'wonderful' offer makes me think they aren't worth dealing with. seems to get a lot of good feedback. seems to be prefered by some is who I use and have never had a problem

    all of which are either equal to or better in price to the one you mention.

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    Agreed. I don't know why but in general I delete these types of messages even if it interests me. If you choose another registrar, and this is the reason, email 'em letting them know. - Where professionals discuss web hosting.


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