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    Make current domain name forward to another?

    K so heres my story: Cliff notes version

    -I own
    -Going to register another domain name
    -Want it so when you type in it goes to the new domain name

    End of story.

    My main question is this: Since i have a forum/everything under server, will this mess up anything if i just forward it to a new domain name? The new domain im just going to try and point to the same server. Get what im saying?


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    No problem .. your Domain registrar will probably offer free redirect
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    so it wont screw up the forum/site? thx

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    no it wont, and if the registrar doesn't support free redirection you may want to use webbased dns services like or etc..
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    Talking Redirection


    Best option : Transfer your domain name to regisetrfly

    They offers FREE URL redirection with 2 options. 1) - framing ( masking ) which hides the original URL in the Address bar. 2) - forwarding - it displays the URL in the address bar.

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    You can set up a small account for your new domain and redirect visitors using:

    1. HTML (meta header expiration)
    2. HTML (frames also known as URL cloaking)
    3. PHP (Header function)
    4. Perl (Header function)
    5. ASP (Header function (guess so, I don't use ASP))
    6. mod_rewrite (to rewrite URLs based on a .htaccess file)

    That way the URLs in your forum will remain the same.

    In PHP you can do it by placing an index.php file in the new domain's account and get the following code inside your index.php:


    That way whenever someone reaches the new domain they will be redirected to your regular domain.
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    O ok, cool, thanks guys! This domain isnt part of registerfly but i will move it right away. Thanks for all your help!!!!

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    You surely will love it.

    Let me know if you require any help with registerfly ( Sorry for my ignorance about other registrars )

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    Well.. i dunno, but i think you might just wanna add it as a parked domain... so that you can access the site by both urls..

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    You can create .htaccess in root dir and redirect only index.html

    redirect * /index.html http://newlocation

    *:301 or 302

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    do a redirect to the new address with your current domain name control panel.

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