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    Developed Wrestling Forum for Sale 1152 members pr4 is an established name in wrestling forums and attracts upto 2000 unique visitors a day. Unfortunately due to a change in jobs, I am not able to commit the amount of time I would like to spend on the site.

    The site is a good money maker from advertisers, generating $357 dollers in advertising revanue since april this year when the deal with them was signed. Purchase of this domain includes:

    Full ownership transfer
    Free domain name transfer to you
    Ownership of all images and logo's on the site
    Transfer of site database (17mb)
    Help transferring to another server if required. Current server costs $12/8 a month.
    Everything else related to the site is transferred to you, with no catches.

    The site is listed in the Google Directory and currently has a PR rank of 4. It is top ranked for the keywords "wwe wrestling forum" on yahoo and google, and "wwe chat"

    I guarentee a smooth transfer and honest transaction. The forum has been custom designed from the basic subsilver design and has over 300 mods or hacks built in. Including a lottery mod, shop mod, quizzes, bank, and lots of other great features.

    To visit the site click here:

    If you have any questions please dont hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

    WrestleCrazy Admin

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    Wonder who deleted all the replies? Bah, never mind.

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