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    SLOOOOOW Site :(


    I have a template monster affiliate site and it is one of their off the peg jobbies with some slight modification.

    The problem with the home page is that it takes forever to download. I have looked at the code but can not see what is holding the load of the page up. It is really frustating because no one would stick around long enough for it to load

    Can one of you programming experts spot the bit of rogue code that is dragging this down. I would love to remove it if only I could find it

    Thanks for listening anyway.


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    It loaded in about <3 seconds for me.

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    Originally posted by bhanson
    It loaded in about <3 seconds for me.
    What browser are you using?

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    I loaded it in IE 6.

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    Tested in IE 5.5, 5.01, and 3, all loaded in around 2.5 seconds.

    Tested in NS 6.0, loaded in about 4.5 seconds, (note it is also not displayed right.)

    Tested in Opera 7.23, loaded in about 2.5~ seconds.

    These are the only working browsers I have on this machine.

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    Took under 2 seconds to load in FireFox 0.9.3 for me

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    It took less than 4 sec for me to load the page..tested in IE 6 with 64 KBPS don't worry

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    took ~4 sec here on ie 6 (i got cable)
    Proudly Canadian

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    Originally posted by kneuf
    took ~4 sec here on ie 6 (i got cable)
    There must be something wrong with my browser because it just took about 30 seconds for me and I too am on broadband


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    simon try it on a different comp on your network..

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    it took about 3 min to load on my IE 6 browser

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    Originally posted by Studio-10
    it took about 3 min to load on my IE 6 browser
    Was that 3 minutes or 3 seconds?

    I would not be suprised at 3 minutes but it does seem excessive. The most I have waited is about 1 minute. It seems to be intermittant. was loading it is like a slug again.


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