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    Request for : Software / Developing firm for subdomain TLD / DNS

    I would like to know if they exist software packages for subdomain TLD (ex. info.xx where xx is the country code) to use it so that it will allow me to operate a full functional site like

    Also if you know developing firms they create such programs reply with their info too.
    I need serious companies for the moment and not freelancer programmers

    I tried but their service (of is extremely unreliable.
    They donĘt reply at all?to any support request, even if you are the one you give your money
    Also most developers are people they thing they will write a few code quicly and get they money without giving you any solid program.

    I contact OpenXRS for their solution they offered but itĘs cheaper to take a trip to the moon rather buy a solution from them

    Anyway, post your ideas


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