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    Advertising offer (unique)

    Hello there,

    I have some advertising spaces available.

    The way your banners will be advertised is unique and therefore i'm keeping it "secret" for the moment.

    You are guaranteed at least 3000-4000 unique views of the banner each day. That comes to around 90000-100000 unique views / month.

    The targeted audience is as follows:

    10% Males between the ages of 10-14
    40% Males between the ages of 15-19
    35% Males between the ages of 20-65
    15% Females between the ages of 12-50

    I can show proof of the ammount of hits and also show this method of advertising to interested parties.

    I do not have a price in mind so far, so it's completly negotiable.

    I would be willing to give 1-2 day trials.

    For further information please contact me by e-mail ONLY at bogdan[@] .

    I will NOT answer any inquires sent from a FREE e-mail provider such as hotmail, yahoo, etc.

    Thank you,


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    what kind of website is it ???
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    Sent e-mail with more info.

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    Please send me an email with more info to aaron AT
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    please post the nature of the website since we need targeted audiences mainly.

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    Please could you send me more information on this ( admin @ hamlesh _ com )
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