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    Looking for some help with a sports site(mostly managing content) get paid!

    Im currently looking to get some help managing content on a new sports site I am working on. Looking to get 10 to 20 hours of help a week. The work break down will probably be 50% standard data entry, 25% on possibly creating new content, and 25% editing existing content. Its fairly easy, and you can do everything online. Here are the requirements...

    1. Must be familiar with major league sports(its a news/opinion site), would be even better if you are a sports fan.
    2. Must have a broadband connection
    3. Honest
    4. US resident, would be nice if you were in the Seattle area.

    If anyone is interested please let PM me. Willing to pay $7 to $10 an hour.
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    PM sent, im very interested in this job

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    I am interested also please send more info thank you.
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    Pm/email sent. I am your all-around sports guy!

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    Thanks for the inquiries, someone has accepted!

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