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    WebDevelopment Directory Site For Sale! CHEAP!

    Hello Everyone,

    After being busy on many projects and also other commitments, I am currently looking to sell my web development directory. The website has a great amount of potential and is a great addition and asset to the web. The site for sale is .

    The site is fully developed by me, everything from the design to the code is custom. A brief description of the site is below:

    Site Name/URL:
    -> Great domain name, web development directory .net ,
    straight to the point.
    -> The domain is registered at and expires:
    07/02/2005 . Namecheap provides a free push to your
    namecheap account.

    The site currently has no PR ranking but is indexed on google.
    The site currently has 71 sites listed in its database with around 2-3 new sites submitted per day without any advertising.

    The site has been opened for around a month, and currently receives around 25 unique visits and 5000 hits per day.
    Stats can be seen:

    Currently the ads on the site are mostly ads for my own sites and some ads which I put up for free. Therefore the site is not making any money as of yet, but there is quite a large potential should you start selling ads.

    The site is currently running a custom backend programmed in PHP and mySQL by myself. The backend is fully automated, where when an individual comes to the site, and they add their website through our add a listing form, the form will then be submitted to a temporary database. The temporary database will then be queried when you login into the admin panel, where if there is a new listing, you may approve or delete the listing. After being approved, it will then be moved and copied to our listings database where it will then be added to our site automatically. The admin panel can also add/edit/delete categories and subcategories. Also add listings within the admin panel. Although its simple and is missing a few functions, its easy to use and it works .

    The design for the site is fully custom and will include full rights. I'm aware that the site is missing a few links but since I do not have time to work on it, therefore I have to sell it. I'm looking for $200 or more via Paypal for the full website. I wouldn't say its alot to ask for the time and effort I've spent on it. Thanks alot for your time and if you have any additional questions, feel free to post in this thread or contact me via the methods on my signature.

    Best Regards,

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    How do you have 5000 page views with 25 unique visitors per day. That is 200 page views per person.

    Even 250 unique is hard to believe since that would be 20 page views per person.


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    anywayz its really great looking website. I think you are looking for around $200.

    can you present details on banner ads being displayed there.Are they paid ones.

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    Is this still for sale? If so, please contact me via PM or e-mail as I would like to make you an offer.

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