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    Etablished Web Hosting Company for sale


    I am selling my company because I want to leave the web hosting industry. The company was started around July 2003, we are over a year old and are currently hosting about 45 clients. We use WHM Auto Pilot as our billing software and there are exactly 34 clients in it's database. Before we were using WHM Auto Pilot we just logged our clients in a notepad file. There are 10 clients in the notepad file.

    Just letting you guys know that I won't give out the URL to the company because I don't want to start a panic for my customers. When we sell the company they will all be fine as it will be a smooth transaction and I will only put my company in the hands of a good person.

    Company Info:
    Total Clients: 44
    Totaly Yearly Income: $4000+
    Total Monthly clients: 30
    Total Yearly clients: 14
    Servers: 1

    Server Cost and stats:
    $137 per month
    2.4 P4
    1 GB RAM
    DUel 120 GB HD's for monthly back ups
    1000 GB monthly bandwith.

    Other info:
    There are about 190 websites currently being hosted on the server due to resellers. The company has sold about half reseller packages and half normal hosting packages. The site comes with the WHM Auto Pilot license and a leased vB license that is totaly customized so that it is integrated in the site and matches the theme. The site design alone is valued at over $500. The clients on our server use at most 100 GB of bandwith per month. And only 17 GB of space is used. There is plenty of rome for growth on the single server. We average 5-10 sign ups per month. You would have to do some small advertising to keep that rate up. The company has lots of potential. All of our clients pay via PayPal. I would wish that who ever buys this that they take over the server to avoid losing clients because of downtime. The clients alone are not for sale.

    Even if you are not interested in this offer I would like to know how much you think this is worth. Please post your offers in the $xxxx obviously.

    You can post here
    You can PM me
    And serious offers can contact me on aim if or after they give me an offer.

    [EDIT] Miss spelled title. You know what I ment
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    Can you post the break down the clients according to their plan, and tell us more about your plans (hopefully they r not unlimited evrything)

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    I'd say its valued at between $3000 and $6000 if you divide up 3000 by 12 to get the monthly income and multiply that by either 12 or 18 which seems to be is the usual form for calculating company worth

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    All clients stats
    30-Day Records: 31 ($284.13USD)
    90-Day Records: ($0.00USD)
    180-Day Records: ($0.00USD)
    360-Day Records: 13 ($944.10USD)
    Total Records: 44 ($4353.66 USD)

    We don't offer unlimited everything. We offer plans such as:

    1.) 700MB / 7000 MB - $3.99
    2.) 1.5GB / 15GB - $5.55
    Plus a few more in the same trend. They are not unreasonable prices and are very attractive.

    The resellers are the same but they cost a little more. I do not want to display all my plan information on WHT

    Also we do not offer IP adresses. Except to 1 person on the server.

    EDIT: Still looking for more offers and opinions.

    All opinions are welcomed
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    Depending on when those 360-day records accounts come back up for renewal, that might subtract from the value of the company.

    Could you please send me more information, including a list of all packages, and how many customers are on each. Also include information about when the annual customers come back up for renewal.

    PM or E-mail

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    Please PM me a list of the packages/customers on each/renewal dates (or payment terms).


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    I am also interested. If you could post the relevant info (asked by several posters above), it would save a lot future questions.

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    I'm interested, but without a domain we aren't 100% sure whether the company exists at the moment.

    I'd personally prefer to see the site before i make a definate offer.

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    Please PM me more information.

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    Please PM me with packages and renewal date.
    Also please let me know what the domain name is.
    I am willing to sign an NDA if you need.

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    Where your server is hosted? How much of servers resources are actually used? - European Forums

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    Same interests here. Please do drop us your email and other co. stats / URL as we can't PM you here.


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    Man... when is somebody going to come up with a spreadsheet for people to start filling out before they post these 'How much is this worth' #$%^&*(? I think I might start working on that beause I see the same questions every darn time.

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    how much ar eyou selling your clients?

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