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    I have a client that runs a program called DMPro. This is a multi-autoresponder that sends up to ten autoresponses to the recipient. This could be used as a sales followup or a training series or many other applications.

    The program uses a .forward file to read all incoming mail looking for mail addressed to one of the autoresponders. If it detects one it forwards that piece of mail onto a cgi program who handles the rest of that process. It may be an enrollment or someone wanting to be removed.

    Anyhoo, I was over at the Exim website looking through the documentaion and Exim can use .forward files but I am confused as to where I can place that file.

    My sites are on ultraspeed if that helps.

    Any helpers?



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    On UNIX boxes where I've done this, it usually goes in your home directory (*not* the web root), e.g.,




    Specifics and nomenclature can vary from one server to another, however, so it's smart to check with your server admin.

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