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    Question Help Me Please!!!!

    Over a year ago. I wanted to get into the hosting business, so I became a reseller for PageCreators. BIG MISTAKE! Anyway I want go into a bunch of details, I am sure if you look around you will see they were one big SCAM! But, I let them register my domain name for me, I paid for it and they said they would register it in my name, well...they didn't! So...I can't access the domain, and use it for my company. I have not had a whole lot of use for it since, so I have not bothered much with it. But, now I have a use for it, and was wondering how I could get it back!

    The IRS nad FTC took PageCreators down a while ago, does anyone know how I would go about getting my name back?


    Thank for any help you can provide!

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    What's the domain name?

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    Well, if they didn't register your domain and just took the money these are the steps you should take:

    • Go to (or your preferred registrar) and register your domain name.
    • Ask for your money back ...if its not too late. If it is too late, move on!
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    Renew your domain

    I was in the same condition with

    I registered some domains two years ago, and suffered a fraud from them ($2000 charged on my VISA; after six months I obtained a refund from VISA)

    For the domains, I contacted, and explained the facts. I asked to renew for another year the registration, and through obtained the variations of the domains data

    Sorry for my English

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