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    My site is currently hosted with web-spring, however due to recent problems and their long delay in responding to my e-mails to their support, I am looking into switching hosts. These recent problems were in addition to spaoradic downtime for the past few months. They say they've fixed it, but they've said that before to. The last time their server went down though, it corrupted permission settings on the server, so a lot of the CGI scripts and database for ti is inaccessible

    Anyway, I am lookign into switching hosts.'s starter special looks good. Are reliable with uptime and support?

    When lookign over their Policies, I saw a few things that I'd like cleared up.
    Chat Rooms
    OLM prohibits its Customers from installing outside chat rooms on their Domain, as these tend to be a resource problem. OLM does provide its Customers a choice of Java Chat rooms to choose from for a nominal monthly charge.
    There is also another part that strictly prohibits running IRC chat programs or bots on their server.

    First of all, what is thier "nominal charge," and why dont' they just provide a free one liek so many other hosts. On my site (which I will be moving as soon as I find a new host) I run the Ikonboard Forums (soon to be converted to mySQL), and a free Java Applet Chat Program provided by Quickchat. Does this mean that I would have to delete that Java Applet? I don't see how that takes up server resources, for that matter, I'm not even sure that this thign takes up anything. The Applets source and files are hosted on quickchat, all I add is the html code.

    Would I have any problesm running my CGI scripts there? I have Ikonboard and my own custom CGI login system as which make up the main sections/features of my site.

    One last thing.
    CGI-Script sharing with Domains not hosted by OLM is not allowed.
    I doubt that applies to me, but out of curiosity What do they mean by "Cgi-script sharing"?

    Thanks for any advise. and comments on them.
    So far sems to be the best of what I've seen, within my price range (under $15 a month, with minimum of 3 GB bandwidth, 100MB space, CGI, mySQL, and whatever else)

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    "Chat Rooms
    OLM prohibits its Customers from installing outside chat rooms on their Domain, as these tend to be a resource problem. OLM does provide its Customers a choice of Java Chat rooms to choose from for a nominal monthly charge."

    If it is a Java chat room, they should have no problem with it. Also I believe that their accounts do include a Java chatroom. Look here.

    "CGI-Script sharing with Domains not hosted by OLM is not allowed."

    This means that you cannot let another website use CGI scripts hosted on your OLM account.

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    Alrite, sounds reasonable.

    The Java Chat is listed only as "optional" and only on thier Host SE2 acount and higher. It's not listed at all for their specials. (I'm considerign their 10 dollar/month special with 8GB bandwidth and 500 MB space).

    If anyone has or is using them, I'd like to hear your comments on their support, and how reliable they are.

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    From time to time, I have seen praises and complaints about OLM. Generally most of them were praises and a few were complaints but a few complaints are common for any host.

    I have not used OLM (just to make sure).
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    That mailing list of users for you to view/contact: - Where professionals discuss web hosting.


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    I used OLM for over a year. I found support prompt and helpful. They are growing and have a few issues in the past six months. Updating servers and data centers caused a few hiccups along the way. In the past few months OLM has changed they process of communicating with the customers to prevent any problems.

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    for what you want, get http://************* They are certainly more reliable

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    I've always saw there commericals on tech tv and wondered if they we really true.

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    I have used OLM for awhile and have not had any problems. Tech support has always been fast, question to the sales department have always answered in a reasonable amount of time. I run phpBB for forums, newspro cgi script, and tag-it cgi script. While cgi script sharing is not allowed you are allowed to share the output of the cgi if it writes it to a html page or txt file.

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    Those OLM commercials are pretty stupid..

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    OLM seems very good to me

    Hello: I moved our personal web site ( to OLM a little over a month ago. So far, I am *very* happy with the speed of their network and the speed of their Tech Support!

    I moved from because I needed a web hosting ISP that permits their clients to use their SMTP server (The SMTP server of my local ISP (Cable Modem) is configured to permit "Open Relay", so I couldn't send e-mail to people using bigfoot, iname, etc.)

    What I got at OLM is a Network that seems to operate much better (I've tested it a few times using the free 8 hour checks at and gotten as high as "Very Good", which I believe is *outstanding* for Virtual Hosting) and Tech Support that responds within an hour or a few hours.

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    Consider I heard and OLM is the same company while webaxxs is cheaper. I used webaxxs for more than a year and had no problem with that.

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    They're good!

    I do recommend OLM.
    I have been with them for more than a couple of years.
    The network is very stable and fast, I don't even noticed any downtime.
    They recently implemented support ticket system, I always receive a reply witin 10 minutes or so...

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    I can NOT recommend OLM

    I have been using for 3 months now and have had nothing but trouble. Every day my website has gone off line for periods of 5 minutes to several hours. Support does respond quickly to help requests but, I would prefer not to need it every day.

    I have stopped using the email accounts because I have no confidence that I will get what is sent. As I write this, my website has been down for the last 3 hours. Support says they "are looking into it and will get back to me".

    OLM relies heavily on Global Crossing's network. Not a good situation with the current state of that company.

    I am currently looking for a new hosting service.

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