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    New Business Managing Software...

    The name's Isaac.
    I'm programming an internet application in PHP, MySQL, and XML, that will allow one to manage a business online. The program I have planned, in its schematics, is modular so it's sort of like a swiss army knife. And Biznitz will serve as a business that sells along with the software, modules that have business-specific functions in them that seamlessly integrate with the software mentioned. Modularization means only the functions and options that you need, using only the resources that you allocate and also means specific functions to suit the requirements to run your business.

    From managing a computer hardware store, to managing a hosting control panel, to customer service, to handling web site design clients, managing a portfolio, and project management, client billing, to online shopping cart with multi-dimensional e-commerce frontend... There will be a module programmed for it. From webcam portal to image hosting... The software will serve as a base program for other program-modules that integrate into the website. If you can think it up and draw out a plan, it can be programmed and put into the software as a module.

    The template management, currently using Smarty, will be better and more improved. The control panel will have an unlimited amount of options in it, depending on the modules, for versatility and adaptibility. It wont eat up 100kb on every page load like some programs do, will use a lot of cache, and the control panel and user interfaces and design will be completely customizable and easily changeable within the templating.

    It will have cookie user management on the frontend so that your clients will only have to log in once, then never again, but have PHPSessioning and an optional SSL encryption on the backend for maximum security. The administrative options will be extensive: You'll be able to set up meetings with your nationwide, online employees within the control panel and have meetings and discussions. The control panel will have its own inner-forum, so that you wont have to hide one on your vBulletin and worry about security and such. You can restrict options from certain users and the authentication will have a wide range.

    And last but not least, I'm going to sit down and spend some time integrating the software with commonly used programs or creating tiny web apps to convert the databases of other programs people might use to work with this control panel; Such as: vBulletin, phpBB, the help and knowledgebase common programs people use, (dare I mention the horrid word) Nuke, and more... No more fumbling about and having worry about integrating 7 different applications to work as one and having different usernames and controls and such for each. Just one.

    And least and least, yes, there will be an entirely separate domain that has a message board on the main Biznitz website that posts tutorials and articles where developers will come and create hacks and little scripts and modules of their own, because I know you all love hacking your vBulletin boards so much... And I do realize that the hacks are difficult to do and that sometimes you need someone to install them for you, so I've figured that out. I'm figuring out an easier way to install plugins and hacks onto the software and adding that into the schematic to eliminate the hassle.

    The software will be huge. It will require a lot of space, but not much bandwidth (the client-side least of all). And when it is sold, it will be for a hefty price.

    But the reason why I'm posting this is to generate interest in it, and to see if there's anyone out there that would be willing to help me fund it. It would require I work full time and am helping to support a family, but I only need 6 hours of sleep and I can program rather quickly. I have somewhat of an outdated attempt at this program running and installed right now and if you contact me, a demo can be set up.

    If you're the man [or woman], feel free:
    [email protected]
    AIM: CharnonIsaac
    Or private message.

    Thank you.
    Isaac D., servant of Christ.
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