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    Plesk 7.0.x Tomcat add-on running on RHE3.x

    Tomcat add-on on RH9.x never ever worked. So I switched to RHE3.x; Tomcat add-on still does not work at all.

    I uploaded struts-blank.war file to test. I obtained a copy of struts-blank.war from a popular Java framework Apache Struts; It simply does not work; the following is a copy of error message I receive at

    HTTP Status 503 - Servlet action is currently unavailable


    type Status report

    message Servlet action is currently unavailable

    description The requested service (Servlet action is currently unavailable) is not currently available.


    Apache Tomcat/4.1

    Is anyone using Tomcat here? Can you actually use it? I have not seen even a shred of evidence that it actually works.

    Plesk 7.0.x, Reloaded, patches, fixes, is there any version that works?

    I recall that some member here was saying that Plesk 7.0.x Tomcat add-on works like a charm on RHE3.x. If it's not too much trouble, can you test struts-blank.war and see if it works?

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    yeah, we also had issue with Tomcat and however PLESK support team rectified the issues.
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