Hello everyone...
I was looking around the web to find yet another AV software and came up with finding MKS_VIR 2004 after going on the site I noticed that its in another language and I could not quite understand. I tried to find the demo version of the program and had a hard time. I went on few forums and found that there is a US distributor http://www.stormbyte.com I fallowed the link to that page and there it was MKS_VIR 2004 the trial version. I downloaded the 30 day trial and was shocked at how efficient its scanning mechanism was for detecting viruses. The options in advanced mode where very advance with its heuristic system. I had the heuristic level set to low once I turned on to high deep scan it found so many unknow viruses from software that was on my computer for about 1 year ago.
Here is a link to a forum that I saw about few test that were done on this AV software :
The person that posted this said that this test was done by Network Associates & Microsoft. Well just thought that this program might help someone