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    Buying resellers/shared hosting clients

    I am willing to purchase a few reseller/shared hosting clients to expand our client base. I am not looking for 100+ customers, or anything like that, just a few, probably as low as 1-10 clients. Please post here, or contact me with any offers, and I will consider them. Also include the exact details of the accounts.

    Payments by Paypal only.

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    If you are still looking to buy.. I have a very small hosting business for sale.

    There are 8 clients, monthly income a bit over $200 a month, using less then 75 GB of transfer a month and 3 GB of diskspace. Cpanel on Redhat.

    They all pay by CC and I have all their CC info as well, so you must be able to take credit cards.

    If anyone would like more info, please email me at [email protected]

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    Like I said, payment by Paypal only.

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    I have clients for sale now,
    $350.00 monthly income more or less

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