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    Split Server

    I am looking for someone to split a server with, a real serious person who knows they will keep on paying for the server for a long while. I don't want any offer of people who say yes, then a month or 2 later they decide they don't want to.

    This is the server I am looking from server matrix:

    Super Celeron 2.4

    - 2.4GHz Celeron
    - 80GB Drive
    - 1024MB RAM
    - 1200GB Bandwidth
    - Private VLAN
    - Red Hat, FreeBSD, Windows
    - $109 Monthly / $0 Setup
    - CPANEL is free on it

    If your interested let me know becuase their deals end fast and I would want to place the order ASAP. PM me or email me using the email feature this board offers. I dont like to leave my email open on a site because of spam.

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    Hey Socom sorry I didnt contact you, I had meetings all of yesterday and didnt have time to login to the boards. I have messaged you and my offer still stands.

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    okay, I guess a moderator can close this forum post. I got your pm's and will reply when I get the chance. Thanks again.

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