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    CorePimps Code Is For Sale! - Code for sale.

    Price: $250

    CorePimps is a turn-based strategy game. The aim is to control the streets, pimping hoes for money, have gangs dominating cities, and much more

    The Code is still being improved but we have not found any errors / bugs in the code for a while now and if any arise we will fix them within 24 hours.

    We are currently implementing new idea's into the code and once these have been fully implemented and tested we will also upgrade your code.

    Key Features:

    Extensive Administration Panel
    Easy To Install
    Support for 6 Months (Includes Code Updates)

    If you have any more questions please.

    PM / Post / Email: [email protected]

    NOTE: this is not the pimpattack code in full or part.

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