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    Question How do I prevent caching of my ClickChatSold Icon?

    How do I prevent caching of my CCS Icon? It keeps saying OFFLINE when I'm not. And I have to clear my cache before it says ONLINE.

    I don't want a user who has come to my site before to think I'm OFFLINE when I'm not.

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    Not sure if that would be the software or browser, my PHP Live chat seems to update instantly.
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    Which software do you use aixagent?

    PHP Live is one of the best softwares available, i think you should buy it, as this could be very vital for your sales that your chat icon shows off when your on.

    You could be loosing customers because people like to chat before they buy, and if someone wants to buy and cant immediately chat because he has to wait for your email reply, then the consequence can be in lost customer.

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