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    Hosting Company For Sale

    We are looking to sale our hosting company. At the moment we bring in $30,767.18 USD a year. We average any where from 1-3 signups per day. We are looking to sale with in the next week. We will be happy to stay on for 30 days to make sure things are smooth. Our current web site is a PR7 and just spent $900.00 on its new design. This will also be included in the sale of the company. We have been open for 16 months and have no debits at this time. I will give a more detailed sheet on the company and its income and expenses once we hear back from interested parties. We are looking to sale the website and all clients on 4 servers. If the clients stay on the servers that will be up to you.

    1. Monthly Package Breakdown 166 packages at $2,131.60 a month
    2. Quarterly Package Breakdown 9 packages at $834.90 Annually
    3. Semi-Annual Package Break Down 10 packages at $988.67 Annually
    4. Annual Package Breakdown 81 packages at $3,223.53 Annually
    5. 46 Domain names at $12.00 a year at renewal rate of $552.00 Annually
    Total: 210 clients with 267 Active Packages renewing at $30,767.18 in annual income

    Other Expenses and costs of Servers.

    2 servers at ServerMatrix $599.99 a month
    1 server at Burst $75.99 a month
    1 server at $174.99 a month

    This is just enough information to help all interested people to make a first offer. We expect all funds to be wire transferred to our business bank account or certified check. We will not accept any other payment method at this time. Once we get all real offers we will disclose all information on who we are and what is going with the sale. If you may have any questions that we haven't included here please let us know. If you would like to make an offer please email us at [email protected] .

    Please only email or PM since we may not be back on for a few days.
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    Thanks to all that showed interest in our company. We have come up with a deal with another hosting company. So we are going to ask mods to close this thread.
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