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    Affordable ASP.NET hosting: one year review of

    I have seven domains hosted in for more than one year. I always find somebody ask for Windows 2003 hosting suggestions. Here are my personal review. You can test my web sites:,, ...,,, ...

    1) More than 7 years hosting experiences and over 5000 domains hosted with them.
    2) Experienced some down time with their old server (Win2000). But nerver have down time with their new server (Win2003).
    3) They have several technical support staff. The response is always fast.
    4) The plan is affordable (750MB/45GB/$8.25).
    5) I never had problems with their HELM control panel. HELM is much stable than Pleask 6.5.2.

    1) The plan is best for ASP.NET hosting that don't need database (SQL2000: 50MB/$35/Yr. ). My Web site only need 10MB Web space but 100MB SQL space. So I need to pay $99/Yr + $75/yr = $174.00/Yr.
    2) Cannot support Frontpage site search in their server.
    3) Experienced some session timeout error and the SQL Enterprise manager cannot enter edit mode sometimes. It took almost two months for them to fix these two problems. Right now all the problems have been fixed.
    4) Don't have multiple domains hosting plan.
    5) HELM has less features than Plesk. For example, you always need to create a ticket to change the file permission. But their support staff always do it for you very quick.

    I also tried, and They have the better plan than for SQL 2000 hosting. But the server of is not stable and secure. has bad support. is too new to the hosting market.

    Conclusion: is the best affordable ASP.NET hosting provider right now.
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    thanks for the review, good to hear a nice review on WHT

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    Thanks for the great review, I have looked @ their services from time to time.....

    Yes, they even charge $15 per year for 50MB *** MySQL **** Database....

    IMO, it would be a "perfect" plan if they did'nt charge extra for the databases......

    How is the server response time on average, and have you experienced any sluggish performance ???

    Again, Thanks,

    Brian D. Snyder

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    I agreed with you. It would be a perfect plan if they count the SQL space in their 750MB Web space and don't charge extra money or charge less money for the SQL.

    I never experienced the sluggish performance after they moved to the new Win2003 server.
    Web-based database Developer

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    21,913 is the best affordable ASP.NET hosting provider right now.
    With the exception of this very bold message of approval, I like your review very very much liudoc. Thank you!

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    Great review love to hear good things about a host

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    Thank you very much liudoc for the review! We enjoy serving you and your web sites and look forward to many years to come.

    Best Wishes for a .Net Success!
    Darrell Williams, CEO
    WebWeavers Internet Services

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