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    What is right for me?

    I've been using Aplus.Net for a few years now for a hosting plan. Haven't really had any problems. I have some other domains though and would like to get everything at one hosting company. I also need more bandwidth than I'm getting because with my other domains, I will be running very close to my limits soon.

    I had considered a dedicated server, but don't have the knowledge right now to setup the security and everything. I was looking at 1and1's managed servers, which look really good for the price and all of the security and setup is taken care of. It was also suggested that I might check out a reseller account somewhere that I could use.

    I don't really need admin access (at this time anyways) for anything and haven't ever needed it in the past few years. I use PHP, mySQL, and other basic web stuff, but nothing special.

    Any suggestions on what kind of setup I should go with and where? Who has good deals w/ good service for the buck?


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    Since you want to host more than 1 domain per account and you dont want a dedicated server, the next best thing would be a reseller account. Here are some hosts that offer reseller hosting.

    3) (Highly Recommended)

    Hope this helps.

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    In my opinion is the best for what you are looking for. We have been with them for several months and so far 100% up problems, and support is excellent.

    Originally we had Gold service just in case...but rarely needed instead we have the silver (which is iincluded) and pay $29 per month to manage the server and they are the BEST...they do EVERYTHING for you...


    Reseller: (Excellent)

    Hope this helps

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    So does all the securing of the server then? I have to admit, their site looks pretty cheesy! I had actually been looking at Server Matrix, but didn't realized other companies will do the management. Any other suggestions for server management companies?

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    It seems to me your best bet would be with a Reseller Plan.  You should be able to get a good amount of space and bandwidth for your buck.  Plus a Reseller Plan is going to be a fully managed solution and you dont have to do much once the sites are online. 
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    Just to make things clear...all of the domains are mine and one of them will be using the majority of the bandwidth because of video clips that are about 1MB each.

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    Actually, ServerMatrix uses The Planet (in house).. I tried fastservermanagement because many people said they were excellent. Now I'm glad I did because they proved to be BETTER than the Planet in terms of not only pricing but updates, installs, name it..ServerMatrix will charge you $50 an hour to do what is already included in your fastservermanagement agreement.

    Reseller is excellent if you don't plan on growing too large..We dove right into servers as we knew it would be a pain to move so many sites to a server down the road..and fell into becoming a host for our clients...

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    Servermatrix with fastservermanagement is looking more and more like the way to go. I really liked SM's pricing, but didn't like the fact that I've have to do the management, so finding out about fastservermanagement is a real plus.

    How much can servers handle? I'm looking at either

    - 1.7 GHz Celeron
    - 80 GB Drive
    - 512 MB Ram
    - 1200 GB Bandwidth
    - Private VLAN
    - Red Hat, FreeBSD
    - 99.9% SLA Guarantee
    - Orbit™ Support Portal
    - $69 Monthly / $0 Setup


    - 2.4 GHz Pentium 4
    - 80 GB Drive
    - 1024 MB Ram
    - 1200 GB Bandwidth
    - Private VLAN
    - Red Hat, FreeBSD, Windows
    - 99.9% SLA Guarantee
    - Orbit™ Support Portal
    - $99 Monthly / $0 Setup

    The majority of my bandwidth will be serving some video files and everything else will basically be PHP and mySQL. Recently I've been dipping into around 1000 visitors a day, which might double or triple when I get some more domains up and running.

    Would it be wise to get CPanel as an addon for $20/month?

    I would like to be able to manage my domains and everything as easily as I can. Again, everything will be mine, so I don't have to worry about other people logging in and configurin their own sites or anything.

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    if you go for reseller accounts, then has good plans with high space and bandwidth...
    Wholesale Domain Prices for Retail Customers -

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