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    Big Server Big Hard Disk

    Hi Guys,
    I am looking for a server with cPanel and possibly Fantastico that has massive disk space - anything above 80GB. Someone told me I couldnt have one that with 2 disk as cPanel dont support this? But I dont know! Basically can be as low other specs as like JUST BIG HD! and also need at least 1000GB b/w

    does anyone no anything


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    Maybe some contact information?

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    You can try servermatrix or ev1 .
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    cPanel supports 2 disks; my reseller account is on one of those 2 X 80 GB Hdd cPanel servers.

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    Yeah just mount the second disk as /home2. Then when a new account is created cPanel will automatically create the new account on which ever folder has the most space free.

    I would also say look at EV1 or SM
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