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    Help want to make a review website with MYSQL

    How do I do this on my website(Any links to any tutorials would be good):

    I want to store my reviews in a database. And I've seen websites where they set-up their links like
    I'm a newbie when it comes to php/mysql can somone help plz. Thanks.

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    Well, as far as to write your own script, a good deal of research and practice would be required. If you would like to install a pre-made script google or would be a good start. Good luck!

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    Which version of Dreamweaver do you have?
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    Just go to daydreamgraphics dot com and check out their tutorial (which is great) or go to phpbuilder dot com also great tutorials for that exact prob.

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    Great links thats for the tips, I am in the market for something just like this so this will suit me and fill many a coming evening lol

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    if you have to ask a question so vague, you probably have no business writing the script. it sounds like you don't have a real good handle on php and mysql. work on that first.

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