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Thread: Disk /hda9 (/)

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    Disk /hda9 (/)


    i have a Linux server run with Cpanel/WHM,

    at once the "Disk /hda9 (/)" jump from around %40 full to %97 full .. and this disable the users Cpanels!

    i tried everything to reduce the %97 ratio but it reduce the /var hdd or /usr hdd

    i tried to run fsck but i'm afraid to lost filesystem as i run mounted HDD

    any help will be very appreciated

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    / is usually pretty small, check your /root directory and delete any install folders and tar files

    I had the same problem (still do every once and while) went in deleted old tars etc from the /root, went from 96% to 40%

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    not yet

    thanks Alaskan

    but i didnt found any tar or gzip files in /root .... i think there are somthing made server read wrong value for the hd space ..


    1. is there command search the lost clusters on the HD ? (i use windows and no long experiance in linux .. sorry if this dumb question)

    2. is there an option in command dir to list files bigger than certain size ... so i can found files made this problem ?

    3. swap file! can i reduce it ? from where ??
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    i made something


    i found this 300 mb file (root)/mail/inbox .. is this file imortant ?

    i know the users emails stored on /home/usermame/mail

    i moved it to /home to free up space from /root .. but if i did something wrong may someone correct me

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