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    Cool is surfspeedy sleeping

    i am a client of surfspeedy from almost a month, i have a reseller account with them, in the start all was fine they were very help full but the issue started some two week back when we faced the first downtime calling them doesn;t help there was no clue what was going on after few hours it was back to normal, the other day was again a bad day for us when we couldn;t find our website and received several complains from clients, again surfspeedy wasn't helpfull in answering what is going wrong to the problem the reply to the ticket says that they have fixed the problem and it won;t happen again.

    Good to hear we feel some relief, but not for long, we have to see one more issue, this time http services were working fine and there goes the ftp access, clients couldn;t connect to the ftp services, well it was restored in time about 1-3 hours within the notification to them, several clients reported slow server response etc. we took up the matter with surfspeedy and received a reply from john that they are keep a close eye on the server now...

    Now this come to at the limit when we are unable to connect to the ftp server, http services are working fine but we can;t upload through ftp, two of my clients are very angry with the situation since one is a newspaper website

    Now we reported the issue to surfspeedy at about 00:00 PST, next morning when i checked the ticket it was untouch, I called them no help since the lady was not aware of the situation after long hold and discussion we come to know that it will take another 5 hours to fix the ftp access as there are some firewall issues or what so ever, that was arround 1400 hrs and now it is almost 2000 hrs and all is same, we can;t access ftp server, the ticket is also untouch.

    This post is for all those webmasters who want to shift to surfspeedy I have 28 clients and about 35 website hosted with them so I am in a deep trouble...

    This also prove the theory! Overselling is not good....

    Anyone else with his story good or bad please share it with WHT

    I will be back with updates, in the mean time I got a VPS account with dinix which is in process hope this work for me.

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    Update news is that their technicians are still working just informed by Sammy through live support. no time frame this time and it is almost 23 hours

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    I disagree, your theory is only half correct. Unplanned overselling is bad. The telephone company and power company oversell just fine.
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    * the Tom!

    hi just to update WHT users that my ftp is fixed this morning, thanks to TOM of surfspeedy for being speedy among other's out there and steve also, but still my suggestions is find someone with more reliable servers i am on my way.....

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    Okay it is enough, the problem is back again and I all accounts on couldn;t access the ftp

    Steve ensure me that they have fixed the problem and keeping eye on servers etc etc.

    Conclusion is that they oversell and now they are unable to take care of the clients properly,

    Anyone else with surfspeedy with the same problem, or I am suffering alone ?

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