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Thread: Propay ?

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    Propay ?

    I know this subject has been talked about many times before, But I seached the board for Propay and didn't find any threads....

    So hence my request, Anyone use them, Or know anything about them?

    I was down to, and And then I find this company (

    I like revecom because they also direct debit checks and take a few other cards...


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    hmmmmm, I like this about propay

    What name appears for the account holder on the buyer's credit card statement?

    Your e-mail address appears on the buyer's credit card statement.

    so I guess if you are that would show up on there card statment hmmmmmmm......

    Please anyone use these guys ?

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    I have been using Propay and it has served me well when my business is below $1,000/month...

    after which you will have to put money into reserve to increase your processing limits. I don't mind putting money into the reserve, but the support team takes like forever to verify your processing limit increase. This is where it annoys me the most.

    The good

    - No hidden monthly charges.
    - Nice interface.
    - Reasonable discount rate.
    - You can manually process a CC.
    - Your preferred e-mail on your customer CC bill.
    - Direct to bank transfer.

    The bad.

    - Annoying processing limit increase procedure... bad if your business grows as fast as mine.
    - Reserve takes 6 months to return to you once you cancel the accoutn or lower your limits.

    In short, if you are doing small business (less than $1,000/month) then Propay is the way to go. Very hassle free. But once your business starts growing above that, Propay will be slow in catching up with you.

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