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    * CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!!! - Virtual Servers - 1-4 GB / 5-30 GB - Just $19.95 - $49.95

    Here's our CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!!! Starting today, until the end of this year, our Platinum VS Plan is selling for just $49.95 instead of $59.95 and our Gold VS Plan is selling for just $39.95 instead of $49.95. Read more below.

    There is no setup fee on any of the plans. All VSs are hosted on powerful Dual PIII 933 or 1000 MHz servers with a minimum of 1.5 GB RAM. All VS plans have these standard features:

    Linux 6.2 OS
    1 Dedicated IP address
    Administrative (Full) access
    Unlimited Email aliases/forwarders
    Virtual Domains
    Apache Web Server
    Sendmail SMTP Server
    POP3 Server
    FTP Server
    Anonymous FTP server
    SSH Server
    Perl / Cgi-Bin
    MySQL Server
    SSL Enabled
    Webalizer Statistics
    WEBMIN Control Panel

    Here are the plans:

    Bronze VS Plan ------- $19.95/month
    1 GB Disk Space
    5 GB Transfer Per Month
    Upto 100 accounts/users/POP3
    Upto 5 virtual domains

    Silver VS Plan ------- $34.95/month
    2 GB Disk Space
    10 GB Transfer Per Month
    Upto 300 accounts/users/POP3
    Upto 10 virtual domains

    Gold VS Plan ------- $39.95/month (limited time offer)
    3 GB Disk Space
    20 GB Transfer Per Month
    Upto 500 accounts/users/POP3
    Upto 20 virtual domains

    Platinum VS Plan ------- $49.95/month (limited time offer)
    4 GB Disk Space
    30 GB Transfer Per Month
    Upto 1000 accounts/users/POP3
    Upto 30 virtual domains

    Transfer overage is $1.5 per GB. If you need larger or smaller disk or transfer quotas, contact us ASAP. We are 100% sure we can always work out something.

    These are not shared hosting accounts but real virtual servers with the complete linux 6.2 file system structure and full administrative access. You can set your own apache and other servers' configuration. This is an unmanaged solution, so the server maintenance is completely your responsibility. We can also assist you with any questions you have including configuration, reboots and such.

    We have had 100% uptime in the past several months. An IP you can try to see how the network responds:

    Your virtual server will be on a fully burstable 100 Mbps LAN. Its connected to the Internet through two OC-48s, one with Qwest and one with Savvis. The NOC has redundant UPS power systems and is powered from two separate power grids. It also has redundant air conditioning systems and dry fire extinguishing systems.

    Order yours now!!!

    Sales Dept.
    [email protected]
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    What is your servers operating system? FreeVSD?

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    FreeVSD (operating system) since when??

    u mean FreeBSD?

    FreeVSD, is a control panel, for linux

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    Yes, the servers run FreeVSD with some proprietary customizations.

    Sales Dept.

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    freeVSD is an advanced web-hosting platform for ISPs, educational institutions and other large organisations. It allows multiple Virtual Servers to be created on a single hosting server, each with a truly separate and secure web-hosting environment. This reduces an ISP's hardware outlay and also lowers the cost of support due to delegated administration.
    Seems like a control panel, right?
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    Originally posted by Jedito

    Seems like a control panel, right?

    Well, it's not really a control panel. It's more of a server environment that lets you have the flexibility of a dedicated server shared between several Virtual Servers on one physical server.

    For a control panel inside the Virtual Server, you can use WebMin or the Vsd Administration Panel for example.

    I hope this helps.

    Let us know if you have any additional questions.

    Sales Dept.

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    Can you compile and install your own programs in the virtual server?

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    Yes, you can.

    Sales Dept.

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    To answer some of the questions we received:

    - Disk overage is $15 per GB per month.
    - All Virtual Servers are set in a few hours.
    - Yes, we do have a 30 day money back guarantee.
    - Yes, we do have live support and support ticket helpdesk.

    Sales Dept.

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