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    I was wondering if anyone had any experiences or have heard of anyone else's experiences with Inovaware's ISP software called Prism and Resolve.

    It is very expensive software but we are thinking about adopting the software.

    We currently use Alabanza's system and looking for a system which supports NT and Linux systems if possible. We have a new business alliance with an e-ecommerce company and are expecting a few thousand new web sites who require NT servers.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    How'd you ever learn about them? All three of their URL's don't respond:, and

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    I Remember ISP Power

    On my PC I have an old copy of "ISP Power" from a couple of years ago. It was offered for free without support to companies with less than 100 clients, I think.

    ISPPower used an Access database for its engine. You could set it up with client details and hosting/dialup access prices, etc. It was really meant for NT systems and could allow clients to signup/order products/add themselves to your system online. However, since I was on a Unix box I just used it to manage/print invoices on my PC for a while.

    It was a whole billing system, keeping track of balances and payments, etc. Not sure if it did the credit card posting. Maybe it did. I do know it would have sent statements by email to the customers if I was on an NT box. Very nice system, but its interface was difficult to use and since I was using the free version with no support, I didn't get any better at using it, so I went to QuickBooks.

    I read that Alabanza was going to move its billing systems to BillMax . Nigel you may want to wait or ask your Alabanza rep about it. BillMax is a very nice system, I hear.

    I'm cutting this out from another discussion. It is a cut and paste of a press release (thanks to Annette for providing it):

    - beginning of clip -

    Alabanza Corporation Chooses BillMax Software For Web Hosting Billing and Customer Care Solution

    FORT WORTH, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 27, 2000--BillMax, a t rnkey billing and customer management software and outsourcing service for ISPs, ASPs, BSPs, ICPs, and Web Hosts, announced today that Alabanza Corporation will deploy BillMax as the web hosting billing and customer care application for its customers.

    Alabanza Corporation is a leading web hosting company providing the only virtual web hosting automation software in the world that allows other web hosting companies the ability to sign up customers worldwide, twenty-four hours a day, without human intervention.

    The enhanced functionality, flexibility and speed of BillMax allows Alabanza to seamlessly bill its customers and leverage an ASP model "Web Hosting In-A-Box" solution where Alabanza's clients can be a web host and bill their customers too.

    "BillMax is pleased to be selected by Alabanza after a comprehensive evaluation process," said Jeffery D. LaCoursiere, Chief Executive Officer at iSpark and BillMax. "We view Alabanza as a strategic technology customer. We are integrating BillMax with industry leaders and forming new strategic alliances so we can continue to enhance our product and strengthen our growing market position in the fast-growing, next generation global billing industry."

    - end of clip -

    Anyway, it made me think of ISPPower. So I went to and ended up at Guess they bought the ISPPower product and renamed it.

    Sorry to see they no longer offer a free trial system for a limited userbase like ISPPower did.

    That's all I know.

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    They have renamed their company to Inovaware.

    They seem to have developed a lot more of their product now. Some large hosts use it now including Innerhost, hostpro / Vservers.

    I'm having a product demostartion very soon so I'll let you all know how it goes.

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    Id be int. in what the cost is on it. carrier grade colocation at a affordable price!
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