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Supermicro SC813M 1U 4x HDD RAID-10 Chassis, 20" deep!

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Old 06-23-2004, 11:50 AM
cwl@apaqdigital cwl@apaqdigital is offline
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Supermicro SC813M 1U 4x HDD RAID-10 Chassis, 20" deep!

another great series of 1U chassis from Supermicro for customer-built servers: the SC813M series

installation examples (Supermicro X5DPA-GG in black SC813MT-420c):
front view 1
front view 2
top view
rear view
passive cooling/backplane details

key features:
1. the only 20” deep 4x HDD RAID-10 capable 1U case, it’s ultra compact for a 1TB capable case
2. 4x hot-swap SATA or U320 carriers with hot-swap backplane
3. 420w Xeon or 300w P4/Opteron power supply
4. front panel 2x USB for easy external backup device & 1x serial port for remote access terminal
5. at mid-chassis, 4x Sanyo 40mm 16cfm super high volume turbine fans perfect for passive cooling of high-speed Xeon or the super hot P4 Prescott.
6. single SATA or U320 backplane supplies power for all drives including slim CD/FDD. no more multiple 4-pin drive connectors

Supermicro server board consideration:
X5DPA series dual Xeon E7501 based server boards
P4SCx series single P4 875P/E7201 based server boards
1. standard ATX 12”x10” format
2. CPU socket(s) are situated right in front of 4x turbine fans for optimal passive cooling
3. 4x DIMM slots parallel to front-to-back airflow design inside chassis
4. for P4SCx, u must purchase heatsink retention kit (SKT-0115-01) and passive heatsink (SNK-0032) separately.
5. for X5DPA, simple buy Xeon retail box labeled for 1U which comes with retention kit and a pretty nice all copper heatsink

Tyan server board consideration:
Tomcat i875P S5102, 12”x10” ATX, P4
Tiger i7501R S2735, 12” x 10” ATX dual Xeon, 6x DIMMs
Tomcat K8S S2850, 12” x 10” ATX, single Opteron
1. P4/Xeon CPU socket(s) are situated very close to turbine fans for passive cooling
2. 4~6 DIMM slots parallel to front-to-back airflow design inside chassis
3. u will need Supermicro retention kit and heatsink for Tyan S5102 P4 board
4. retail Xeon 1U retention kit/heatsink will works fine with S2735 board
5. for K8S Opteron board, the CUP socket is little further away from turbine fans, I would recommend Thermaltake A1827 all copper active HSF (flipping the fan over will make CPU 5C cooler!)
6. don’t use Tyan IO shield plate (solid in between ports) which will block airflow! revise Supermicro plate (grille like) with Dremel, or simply leave it out. the IO shield plate is somewhat ‘decorative’ and serves no real purpose.
7. 24pin/8pin power connectors extension is required for S2735 Xeon board, and 24-pin to 20-pin power converter is needed for S5102 P4 / S2850 Opteron board.

Other installation consideration:
1.SC813M accepts only slim CD and slim FDD, the type used in notebook. frame kits are supplied with the case.
2. if u buy used slim CD on eBay (about $15) for P4SCx/S5102, make sure u get Toshiba XM7002. for some older Teac/Samsung/LG/IBM 24x slim CD, i875P chipset refuses to recognize them. all brands of slim CD, new (about $40) or used, will work with Dual Xeon and Opteron boards.
3. if needed, Mitsumi makes a rather nice slim FDD, about $20 new wholesale
4. single slot 1U riser card for and-in PCI adapter is optional. if needed, be sure to buy the right one: 64-bit 3v PCI-X or 32-bit 5v PCI according to what the first slot on server board is.
6. remove frame bracket holding the 4 turbine fans (just one simple clip) first before installing motherboard.

current pricing examples from 8anet:
SC813MT-420C: $347 (4x SATA hot-swap, 420w for dual xeon
SC813MS-420C: $375 (4x U320 hot-swap, 420w for dual xeon
SC813MT-300C: $290 (4x SATA hot-swap, 300w for single p4 /single Opteron

I don't sell chassis standalone, please don't ask.

C.W. LEE, Apaq Digital Systems

Last edited by cwl@apaqdigital; 06-23-2004 at 12:02 PM.

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Old 06-23-2004, 12:09 PM
mgphoto mgphoto is offline
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Hi Apaq,

You've posted this in the wrong forum. I am sure it is just an error. You may want to ask the mods to move it to Other offers and request forum.

Other than that these guys build a great server and I can tell you they provide real quality service.

Atlanta, GA and Las Vegas, NV. Colocation

Old 06-23-2004, 12:13 PM
cwl@apaqdigital cwl@apaqdigital is offline
Web Hosting Master
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Atlanta, GA
Posts: 3,769
thanks for the reminder, however, I don't sell chassis standalone.

the post is just trying to introduce this great case to WHT members for high-end applications

C.W. LEE, Apaq Digital Systems

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Old 06-23-2004, 02:57 PM
cwl@apaqdigital cwl@apaqdigital is offline
Web Hosting Master
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Atlanta, GA
Posts: 3,769
for those of u asked about fitting regular desktop type motherboard (non-supermicro/tyan server boards) in supermicro SC81x 1U chassis:
1. the must be microATX form factor or any size less than 10"x12" to physically fit.
2. must have on-board video and at least 1x NIC. NIC on non-server type desktop board usually is 'south-brige' chipset-built-in NIC, a form of 'software' NIC which add burdon to CPU
3. forget about passive cooling because CPU socket(s) are much further away from mid-chassis blowers or turbine fans, and DIMM slots usually are sitting between CPU socket and blowers/fans, and blocking most of the air flow. a good active HSF with mim-blower topping heatsink is required on these desktop board in 1U.
4. without optimal passive cooling, I wouldn't install CPU speed higher than the following even u have a super-duper active HSF:
Xeon: 2.4G
P4/Celeron: 2.4G
athlon XP/MP: 2200 thoroughbret (absolutely no thunderbird nor palomino core!)
Operon: 144
becuase #1 concern in 1U is to get the CPU heat out of the case in it's entirety. a super-duper HSF alone can't do that without good chassis airflow to the rear panel. higher speed CPU than listed may last a few months, but eventually the active CPU fan could stop working due to the CPU heat build-up, and finally a hard-crash occurs and makes ur co-located server useless perhaps hundreds of thousands miles away.
5. most newer generations of desktop boards use stacked 3-ports audio which can never clear the 1U height, so u must remove/cut-off the line-in port to get the whole board to fit 1U
6. must get proper and required converter/extender for 24/20/8/4 power connectors from PS to motherboard.
7. the IO shield plate from desktop board will never clear 1U nor fitting the opening of any 1U case. u must either revise it with cutter capable of sheering thin metal, or just leave the plate out.

I routinely fit a few lines of MSI P4/Athlon/P3 desktop boards in supermicro 1U case following the rules listed above with good success. if u can't and won't follow them, of course, u can always pay 2~3 times more money to install true spermicro/tyan server-class board in supermicro case for a natural /hassle-free installation.

C.W. LEE, Apaq Digital Systems

Old 06-23-2004, 03:00 PM
rusko rusko is offline
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aargh, i just ordered 10k+ worth of boxes. wish i had paid more attention to the new offerings =]

ime, pay the extra cash and get a supermicro motherboard. it just aint a ferrari with a pinto engine inside =]


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