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    In January, we're moving clients from an alabanza server over to our own machines. Unfortunately, there are quite a few clients on our alabanza server making use of functions we won't support. I'm looking for other alabanza hosting companies to discuss taking over these particular clients. Overall, we're looking in the neighborhood of 100 +/- accounts total to get rid of. Please email me if you're interested in these clients. I'm looking for someone that has their primary business in Hosting to help guarantee the satisfaction of these clients. I can be reached at [email protected]

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    This thread is locked due to cross-posting - the other (more original + replies) thread can be viewed at

    (Phillip, it seems some of your posts are partially corrupted and MSIE doesn't like them... Don't know why!

    Btw, posting the topic once is enough - most of us will read all forums anyway. Thanks.)
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