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    Urgent Cpanel Dns Problem Please Help!

    This is an emergency situation. Replies are appreciated

    I just receieved a new client that is wishing for a reseller account with custom name servers. What do I have to do in WHM (root) to give the customer his custom DNS names? Also, there are a few name server fields at the bottom of the page where i edit a reseller account. Do i need to put anything there?

    i have 3 ip addresses. 1 is for the server, 1 is for the first name server, and 1 is for the 2nd name server.

    when the client registers domain hosts in godaddy, does he use the 2 ips when he enters and

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    * Here is my understanding of this type of situation

    Your new "reseller" must first register a new domain, or set his existing domain for his name servers. This is done at his registrar's site or if you are also a domain name reseller, and he has registered through you, he can do it in his account. ==> When he/she enters their account, they need to "manage domains" to get to the desired domain name for which to set up the name servers. ==> The area to look for to do this is "Domain Host Summary". (( They might not have this feature in their account features, and their registrar might have a separate sections where to do this, depending on their registrar ))

    ==> In this "Domain Host Summary" is where they will enter their nameservers, respectively. (( ns1.theirdomain.ext and it's corresponding IP [[ which should be their primary assigned IP ]] & ns2.theirdomain.ext and it's secondary assigned IP ))

    ==> In the WHM control panel (cPanel) there is an area, under Main >> Resellers >> Reseller's Center >> named "edit privileges/Nameservers" where you will "assign an IP" and "Add an A record for" each nameserver that you setup for your reseller. (( this is at the very bottom of that page ))

    That's pretty much it, just follow the same procedure as you did for setting up your own "primary" and "secondary" nameservers for your server.

    Hope this helps!

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    Why would you offer services that you can't support? If you don't know how to setup resellers then why are you selling reseller services? What happens when your resellers need real assistance and you don't know what to do?

    That being said, try searching google:
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    Why would you offer services that you can't support? If you don't know how to setup resellers then why are you selling reseller services? What happens when your resellers need real assistance and you don't know what to do?
    I've been reading these boards for a little over a year although I was just a major lurker until recently. In that time I've noticed a very disturbing trend where someone will ask a question and they will get flamed for it - as seen above. I confronted someone about this same thing and his justification for treating this poster so badly was he did leave a link.

    I don't ever see anyone sticking up for these members with questions who are attacked. This site is an excellent source of information and if people continually condemn the people asking questions you won't have much of a site - and that would be a great loss.

    By your post Ramprage I can only assume that you are an expert in every single area of this field and have never had a question.

    hbix answered his question perfectly and I feel the flame was very unjustified. An ounce of common courtesy goes a long way.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    I would have to disagree. Ramprage simply made an observation and made a good point.

    In this situation for example, the thread starter mentioned they only have 3 IPs. As their new Client wants a Reseller account with their own Nameservers the thread starter will need to request more IPs from their DC, set them up on the Server then assign two to the Reseller Client.

    As it will be a min. of 24 - 48 hrs before this can happen, the thread starter will need to advise their Client of the time delay. Could be further delay as well since the thread starter does not know how to setup Custom Nameservers.

    To the thread starter, it does make sense that you know what to do for the services you offer. The situation is not lost though, as you can advise your new Client there will be a time delay then get some new IPs and set them up on your Server. If you do not know how to BIND IPs to your Server then ask your DC for help.

    Once the above is done you can then assign Private Nameservers to your new Reseller Client. First setup the account and make sure to choose "Reseller" at the bottom of the Form. You can then go ahead a assign them a Reseller package and Nameservers. I do believe there are already some threads on the step-by-step method. You should use the Search feature to find them.

    Tis no simple matter to setup a Reseller account and there is a lot of information you need to know. I doubt if you will find it all in one thread but I do recall one I posted in that dealt with this matter. Cannot think of good keyword to search on though. You could try "Shared/Ipless" as a start. - for all your Hosting needs
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    What you can do is have your reseller create ns1/ with the same exact nameservers you use for your ns1/ns2, This is not really the 'correct' way to do it but seeing as you have gotten yourself in a pickle it will do the trick and yes I have many successful resellers doing it this way without issues.

    Then follow the instructions mentioned above to assign the nameservers which all new accounts this reseller creates will be using.
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    In WHM

    Go to Account Functions => Create a New Account

    Go to Resellers => Reseller Center

    Select the reseller and => Edit Privileges/Nameservers.

    Set account creation and feature limits

    Enter the nameservers (, in the fields at the bottom.

    Do not assign the IPs here.

    Go to DNS Functions => Edit a DNS Zone

    Select the reseller

    Enter an A entry for each nameserver along with its corrosponding IP address.

    Like this:
    ns1 14440 IN A <IP1 here>
    ns2 14440 IN A <IP2 here>

    Save your changes.

    Remember to assing an IP to his domain when you're creating the account. Also, regardless of this, the accounts created under this reseller account will use the servers main/shared IP and above private nameservers.

    I used to assign IPs to resellers this way, to save an IP (not using 3) and domain com uses IP1
    ns2 uses IP2 etc

    Remember to create the nameservers at the registrar. You can also manually assign IPs to nameservers via ssh -pico /etc/namerserverips.

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    Don't forget to go to Tweak Settings in WHM and enable the sharing nameserver IPs option. That's a pretty handy feature for people with limited IPs
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