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    Starting a Server, to be colocated

    Hi, I've been in the web design business for about 5 years now, and I would like to take it a step further by being able to be in control of my own server. However, I don't know where to start, I believe you require a good computer, and you place it at the colocated place that you have rented out. However, the problem is, where do I go after I've built my computer. Are there any guides online that can get me started on this?

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    bump, is there a bump rule here?

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    well, I dont think you need to bump your post only have 20 minutes of posting. We're not that fast around here.

    You may want to look into reseller accounts. Look around in the reseller section and you'll see many post with suggestions.


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    o, but i need my own server, hosting counter strike servers under resellers, there's a bandwidth limit

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    You might think about a dedicated server and tackle a smaller subset of problems. With a colocation you pick up possible problems you don't have with the dedicated, expecially when it is time to upgrade or repair the hardware.

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    i c, well in that case i guess i'll go with the dedicated, but in the meantime do you know a book i can pick up on this stuff to begin?

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    The best way to start with is to get a managed server from there on you get some experiences on running a server, then get a cheaper unmanaged one.

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    I suggest that you get a dedicated server from

    There are a number of webhosting sites out there that can help you admin your server .

    Its fairly simple looking after a server ( In some cases ) .
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