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Thread: Error in WHM

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    Error in WHM

    The /usr, /, or /var partition on this server is running out of disk space. This WHM operation has been temporarily suspended to prevent something bad from happening. Please ask your system admin to remove any files not in use on that partition.
    I'm getting the above error when I try to make a new account in my WHM. I copied the below information about the server that I am on. Does that 97% with a red light mean the server I'm on is too full?

    apache (1.3.31 (Unix)) up
    bind (9.2.1) up
    cppop up
    cpsrvd up
    exim (exim-4.34-0_cpanel_stmpcontrol_antivirus_rewrite_mailman2_mailtrap_exiscan) up
    eximstats up
    ftpd up
    imap up
    mysql (4.0.18-standard) up
    syslogd up
    Server Load 0.70 (4 cpus)
    Memory Used 39.6 %
    Swap 0 %
    Disk sda1 (/) 19 %
    Disk sda6 (/home) 16 %
    Disk sda5 (/tmp) 4 %
    Disk sda2 (/usr) 37 %
    Disk sda3 (/var) 97 % - Webhosting Services
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    Maybe a core dump has happened, they simply need to clear out that directory.

    When the /home directory reaches 97 percent you'll see weird errors as well.
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    Well, I remember back in July 2003 I was called in on an 'emergency' status job (I'm a sysadmin). The /var directory was 97%. In this case, it had happened because there was an antivirus program on the server which was storing all emails that had been detected with viruses in the /var directory. The hosting company had aquired itself a virus spammer, and therefore totally clogged the /var directory. Simple solution for this situation was to remove the spammer and set the antivirus program to clear itself out every 6 hours.

    There are of course many other causes of this sort of problem - large log files, etc.


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    Login via SSH and take a close look what is using up your space. Change to /var and issue a

    du -h --max-depth=1

    and you will see which sub directory uses most.
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    An alternative is to check in your WHM(root) go to "System Health" and click on "show Current DisK Usage" should tell you the % of the various directory/partition space used.


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    After you confirm in WHM(root)... login to server via SSH and use

    type: mc -a

    a window like gui to check what's eating your space and try to clear/delete it.


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    Thanks guys, problem solved. - Webhosting Services
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