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    What makes an ideal host?

    I was just wondering there are so many thriving hosts out there and they seem to be doing very well, I was wondering what things do people nowadays look ideally in a host to use their hosting and use their services?

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    I'd say uptime, support, and of course, they must provide the required features like PHP or ASP. That's ideally.
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    Support is a serious factor for many people.

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    But there are many people whose ideal is based mainly on price. Then they somehow get the idea that their ideal host will provide great support.
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    The ideal host will have it all and IMHO will provide what they offer period with no deception. That host will also not be afraid to go above and beyond for the client as well.

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    there are different criteria every person looks at. A hardcore webmaster will say "Just Keep your server up 99.9% and do not oversell" and an ordinary client might want free scripts, help, help and support
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    Uptime & Fastest Support !

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    vbtech, welcome to WHT

    That is the goal of ours, as well as most hosts that do take the time to care.

    This is what we focus on:

    Server performance (Low traffic servers, quality networks)

    Responsive friendly competent support (No one line answers from random support techs, once a tech is on a ticket, they finish it out, which helps build a strong customer relationship both ways)

    Easy to use processes. That is, easy to order, easy to get going with your account/server, easy to use support. Web hosting, while being around in a marketing form for a long time can still be daunting, we spend a lot of time trying to figure out the user experience and adapt new technologies without adding compexity. From 1997 until now, I don't see much difference from the user side in the total process, its just more daunting due to the competition, but we trudge on =)

    Security and privacy, that is a stated cancellation policy and privacy policy will show you how they care about your future. If they dont take the time to make it clear that cancelling your account is not a "Click here" process - saving you from someone hijacking your account, how can you be trusted to solve the customers problems while they are with you (We don't lose customers, they grow or move on for other reasons, not for a lack of support)

    Now these are the things that we focus on, are these the specifics that customers want? We hope so as they take a lot of time and money but I really don't see another way mbshost could go.
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    I would say network uptime, customer service preferably by phone and network performance.

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    All of what the others said is important. A lot of the hosts around here are online all the time and able to be contacted. That is another very important quality. It sounds simple, but to simply be "AROUND" is important. Some hosts think the servers and customers will just work out by themselves when it can be nothing farther from the truth. Any good business takes dedication and hard work.

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    There are as many answers to the thread starter's question as there are types of hosting. Purchasing web hosting is kind of like buying a car.

    You have the:

    1) Flashy Used car salesman types (Those flashy oversellers)

    2) The bottom of the barrel had-to-tow-it-in-here types (Hosting for life for a buck)

    3) The pure lemon (Here today gone tomorrow with all your cash and files)

    4) The family dealer, comfortable and mostly reliable (Honest hosting with middle of the road pricing)

    5) The Luxury showrooms, You sit in it and it makes you coffee while moving you around at the speed of light (Top shelf networks and support, you only need to know how to call them up)

    6) Lastly, you have the elite custom showroom (More than all but a select few can afford)

    Hosting comes in all sizes, shapes, colors and prices. All of the above 'types' can be around long enough to make some money, however only a few will manage to stick around for the long haul. I would say the best networks and support will come out on top every time.

    The only downside to all this is that there is no Consumer Reports for Web Hosting yet...

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