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    Site access problem


    I have a reseller plan from Dathorn and manage/use it from Hungary(Europe).
    My problem is that in lot of cases websites are not available. I mean if I try to visit it I get a "page can not be displayed" or an "empty answer" errors. (Maybe the english compilation is not 100 percent correct.)
    If I try to reload it 2 or 3 times than it works. But lot of users says (from other countries) that the pages are absolutely not accessible or it is awful slow.
    I have checked the server but it seems there was no downtime and the load is between 5-10%
    I donít know if it is a problem with dathorn servers or any other.

    Any idea what can I do?

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    The cpu usage is 5-10%? That is getting somewhat high. We would grab another server at about 1-1.5%

    Now and again I have a problem with some servers and I think it is my ISP doing something because I can't see a site and everyone else can. Have you contacted Dathorn about this?
    ē Greg Lubbelinkhof

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    Szia Maldiv

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    that is a bit high. but then again, who knows, maybe its a quad processor server?

    in any case i would send dathorn a ticket regarding your issue to see if they can remedy your problem.
    Sang P. Ma
    President/VizHost.Com, Inc.

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    Thanks for your help!

    I have contacted with Dathorn and they say it can be an ISP problem and all other settings seems to be good.

    It is a dual Xenon server.

    A lot of people reports the same problem and they use various ISPs.

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    I'm almost certain that the load numbers are getting confused into some sort of actual percent that the user posted.

    If you respond to my tickets with your IP as I requested we should be able to eliminate the problem. WHT will not be able to help you much at all in a situation like this.
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    I had the same issue actually with Dathorn. Server loads were fine but could not acces it from hours on end at a time with many ISPs in UK, France and Germany. Of course Dathorn said it was an ISP problem and I said it coudln't be if it was accross all those ISPs in all those countries. They said it worked fine for them and after numerous short 'checking this that and the other' responses back and forth they started to get quite rude, and as a result I left.

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    Sometimes, its a script problem, one of your users must have a bad code in the script that causes high load. My script had the same problem and load was around 30-40. We optimized it and works fine now. Load stays below 2.

    See if someone uses a PHP/MySQL script on your server.

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