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    Escaping from WHM/CPanel...

    I have used WHM/CPanel to adminster my dedicated web server for a period of time now, and I've done small maintenance (patches, file extractions, etc...) via SSH. My goal is to learn how to accomplish the tasks performed by WHM/CPanel so that I am not completely dependent on its "convenience."

    Please contribute links or just keywords to google that will help me learn about maintaining a web server without WHM/CPanel. At the moment, the web server runs on Red Hat Linux if it matters.


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    It's all about learning Linux first. Get some books on Linux. Install Linux on a computer at home. Mess with it. Try a few different distributions. Have fun, don't be scared, and stick with it. You'll soon break free of the need for cPanel/WHM.

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    Buy Books on:

    Apache / Bind / Mysql
    These you will can always have for reference.
    Read on the configuration of MTA's like (qmail/exim/sendmail)

    You can search for these on google.

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