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    Talking 21Exits V3

    Hey all, i have finally got round to re-opening my site 21Exits and wondered if you could go check it out and lemme know what ya think

    The site has my work on it aswell as tutorials, wallpapers and some free web templates

    If ya bored you could always sign up to my forums aswell cuz there kinda lonely right now

    Thxz all


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    Modern and clean. The header is very nice.

    A bit dark overall, but that's how a lot of people like it these days.

    Some very nice wallpapers you got there. I just added one to my own collection.

    I'm curious to know the story behind the name itself "21exits".

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    thxz man - my sites are normally quite light which is why i wanted to try something a bit darker this time around

    oh and thxz for the kind words on my wallpapers glad ya like them

    the name 21Exits don't really have a story tho' its jus something i came up with one day it was out of exit21 or 21exits and 21Exits won it for me

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    Very nice wallpapers.

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