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Thread: Sub Domains?

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    Sub Domains?

    Sorry, i've never Paid for a domain before.

    Say i goto a host like so:

    And buy a years worth of 'Personal Plan'..
    This includes 'Unlimited Sub-Domains' which i am led to belive is like

    (Say that google gave out sub domains)

    would that be correct?
    and, then once i've given out my subdomains to friends, or high level users,
    if they were to upload a file to their, would its space use come under My space? like, would lose 5megs?

    or would have it's own space allocated?

    Once again, thanks.

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    It depends on the provider. But normally if you have a website hosting account which includes sub-domains the diskspace the sub-domains use will be taken from the total space you have allocated for your website hosting account.

    An example of a sub-domain would be ''.

    Hope this helps...

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    damn.. i've only got 100 megs... *sigh*

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    wait, can you limit the amount you give to them¿¿¿¿¿¿??????

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    I believe you can limit the amount on the accounts you make.

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    You should ask the host you are reviewing, because "subdomains" are defined differently from host to host. Also, whether or not you can manage allocations per subdomain will depend on how the host arranges its plans, perhaps what type of Control Panel they use, etc.
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    To control the quota allocations of subdomains, you will need a reseller account.

    Unlimited subdomains applies to both virtual and reseller accounts.

    FTP access restricted to subdomains only can also be created.

    Hope this helps.

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