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    Question Raq3 Memory and Logs

    Iíve had my Raq3 for about 4 years now and it always had this problem.

    The problem I have is at around 5:00am the server sends me a message saying:

    Memory on the Cobalt server is heavily used.
    The Cobalt server needs more memory than it currently has.
    Consider adding more DRAM to the server.

    Total memory is: 518864 KB
    Used memory is: 506620 KB
    Free memory is: 12244 KB
    Percent used is: 97

    After a while I upgraded the ram with a 256Mb chip so my total is 384Mb. The upgrade had no effect on the problem.

    After the logs rotate at around 5:00am, the memory requirement lowers but progressively builds up over a 2-3 week period which requires I software restart the Raq3 periodically. A couple times a year I have to hard restart the Raq3.

    Also, my log files are large for some of the virtual sites (over 200Mb!) which may be related to this problem.

    Is there some recommendation on what I should do?

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    upgrade the ram to 512Mb ?
    move some sites off the box onto their own boxes ?
    keep less log history ?

    check nothing else is set to run @ the same cron time which would increase the cpu/ram usage
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