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    Advertising on Gaming Site


    HaloCity ( is offering main page advertising now. There are a few options for you to choose from. Unique Visitors range between 1400-2200 a day. Below are your advertising options. Here is a screenshot of the stats - (please note we changed servers on the 9th of may, unfortunately all stats before may were lost)

    1) Top Banner Rotational (estimated impressions 30,000-40,000+) - $25 a month

    2) Top Banner Exclusive (no other advertisers will be shown in the top banner - comes out to less then $1 cpm on average) - $250 a month

    3) Side Block Banner - (120x400) $150 a month, only 2 of these available, (just like the nuttyservers one on the left, one more will replace the google ads)

    4) Text Links - We are also going to create a block for text links (right side), link only, block will be titled Recommended Sites - $12 a month, 10 links is the maximum number that will ever be there.

    All sites advertised must be approved by us first.

    All current advertisers will also get first shot at a rotational banner at the bottom of our forum pages once the banner hack is installed for only $10 more month

    PM me with any questions.

    Thank You

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    ill take one text link, im going to pm you

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